The Rainy Day House

27 Apr 2015


Three years with this delightful girl. She is full of words and funny phrases, is thoughtful and so very inquisitive. I receive daily lectures on the evolution of caterpillars, and constant reminders that "the plant grows up, up, up into a beautiful flower!" 
She tells stories that almost always include a "but there was a pwoblem", and the subject of mixing colours can keep her occupied for hours. 
She loves to talk. My goodness does she love to talk. If I need a few moments to get something done, I just dial a relative, hand her the phone and off she goes for 30 minutes non-stop. They'll be lucky to get a word in before she finishes talking and hangs up.  
She's like a sponge, absorbing every detail and conversation. I am so aware that now is the time to really teach and share and show.  
You keep me on my toes Nancy-noo, and remind me daily to see the wonder in things. 
I love you.

28 Jan 2015


So it happened (4 months ago). This gorgeous little man joined the world. We named him George. I thought it was pretty cute and so is George Weasley and Ty's great grandfather's? name was Alfred George, so it worked for us. It was either that or Fred (I know what you are thinking and you would be absolutely right). His middle name is Scott, after my dad.

29 Aug 2014


For a long time I'd been on the lookout for really nice temple drawings that were pretty and kinda suited my style... but found nothing. Mostly because I was looking for the Melbourne, Australia temple and the choice just seemed to be really limited (read: non-existent). So I decided to draw my own! Bit silly that I spent ages looking for one when the best person to draw one in my own style is me. So I did and I loved it! I've already used it for a few different church handouts and I'm getting it printed for our home. It prints pretty big! If you want it too, you can download the file free by clicking here or below. 
My goal is to draw lots (if not all) of the temples throughout the world and have them available here for free download. 
So if Melbourne isn't your temple, but you would like one then leave a comment on which you'd like to be drawn next. I'm planning on doing Sydney Australia, Salt Lake, and Provo but after that I'm open to suggestions. 


I'm more than happy to have you use these for whatever personal/church projects you may wish, but please, they are not be resold, used for profit without permission or claimed as your own. x

28 Aug 2014


About 4 weeks to go (but probably 5) and I'm feeling pretty positive. We are much more prepared this time round, both mentally and physically so we are mostly all excitement. Though, once the labour starts for real I may well cry my eyes out. Please, oh please little boy, get one up on your sister early and come much faster and easier into this world. Please, your mumma is begging. If you do, I'll give you some chocolate when you are old enough to eat it.
Kidding aside (only not really) I'm actually looking forward in a way to the experience. I'm determined to do better, be more relaxed, let my body do what it knows to do and just trust and hope that second time round will be a breeze compared to the first. And if anyone suggests that I should walk for an entire day as soon as I feel my first contraction to help "speed things up", I will laugh and laugh and laugh and climb into bed and sleep.
Seriously, don't do it. Worst decision ever.